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Send Money to Loved Ones in the US

Mobile Banking

If your mom, aunt, daughter, a friend, or anyone else lives anywhere in the US send them money with Boom directly to their mobile phone. With the Boom mobile app, your family and friends get all the same great features that you enjoy, allowing them to better manage their money from anywhere, anytime.

Send Money for Free

There’s no charge for Boom members in the US to send money to one another. No more searching for cash or writing a check to a friend. Instead, enjoy the freedom of sending money 24/7 right from your mobile phone.

Boom Visa® Prepaid Card for their Daily Needs

As a Boom member, your loved one receives a Boom Visa® Prepaid Card for all their banking needs. They can use it worldwide, anywhere Visa® Debit cards are accepted, to make purchases online, at restaurants and retailers – even pay bills and get cash at ATMs.

Easier Way to Save

Boom makes it easier for your loved ones to save money. Features such as Direct Deposit puts employer and government checks directly into their account, and eliminates high check cashing fees, so they keep more money in their pocket.