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So Much More than a Traditional Bank Account

Save with Boom

Enjoy many benefits that will save you time and money. Use Direct Deposit to add funds to your Boom account—free! And Boom’s Instant Mobile Check Deposit lets you “cash” a check anywhere, anytime. Or save time by loading cash at the stores you shop everyday.

Get Your Payroll Check Deposited into Your Boom Account!

Get your check deposited directly to your account with Direct Deposit. It’s fast, easy and free! And it’s a great way to avoid paying high check cashing fees. You can set up direct deposit for benefit checks, government checks and checks from your employer.

Deposit Your Checks on the Go. Instantly and Directly to Your Account!

Instant Mobile Check Deposit allows Boom members to cash a check using their mobile phone. Simply use the Boom mobile app to take a photo of the check and your funds will be automatically deposited into your account once the check is approved.

Load your Boom Card at Over 100,000 Merchant Locations

With so many merchant locations, it’s easy and convenient to load funds. And your funds will be immediately available, so you can use your Boom Card to make purchase or withdrawing cash right away.