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More Freedom and More Places to Spend Your Money Wisely

Spend and Withdraw with Your Boom Visa® Prepaid Card

The Boom Visa® Prepaid Card is a reloadable card and you spend only what you put into it. Use it worldwide, anywhere Visa® Debit cards are accepted, to make purchases online, at restaurants and retailers – even pay your bills and get cash at ATMs.

Your Money is Safe if Your Card is Lost or Stolen

With the Boom Visa® Prepaid Card, your money is protected by the Visa® Zero Liability policy. If your Card is lost or stolen, just call us to replace it, knowing that your money is safe.

No Overdraft Fees Ever

Your Boom Visa® Card is a prepaid card, therefore you’ll only ever spend the money you place onto it. And unlike traditional bank debit cards, you won’t incur overdraft fees.

Track Your Spending

Managing your budget has never been easier. Use the Boom mobile app to access your transaction history, track your spending, check for incoming transfers or direct deposits and so much more.

Access Thousands of ATMs

Withdraw cash at any Visa®/Plus®, STAR® or AllPoint ATMs worldwide. Allpoint ATM withdrawals are surcharge-free, which means more savings for you.

Get Cash Back

Enjoy the convenience of no-fee cash back on debit card purchases at thousands of retail locations.

Save & Load