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Boom Mobile Management Service FAQs

General Questions

What is Boom?

Is Boom a bank?

Can I use Boom with my current bank?

I heard about your product and would like to try it out for now? What can you do for me?

Where can I send money with Boom?

How do I get a hold of Boom?


How do I sign up for a Boom Account?

How does Boom handle my security?

What forms of ID are accepted?

Why do I need to provide an ID?

Can I sign up for a Boom account if I am not a US Citizen?

If I lose my phone can someone else access my account?

Can someone hack my cell phone to get into my account?

Can multiple people be authorized on the account?

Can I open a joint account with Boom?

What if I want to close my Boom account because I did not like the service?

How can I review my prior transactions?

What version of Android does the Boom application run on?

Do I need to pay to get the Boom App?

Can I deposit money in my US account abroad?

Does my US Boom account give me access to use it in other countries?

Where are the locations in Haiti?

What are the pickup locations in Mexico?

How can I find the pickup locations in Haiti?

What if the wrong recipient attempts to register an account at the Caisse?

What if the wrong person attempts to pick up the money in Mexico?

Does the person already have to be a Boom member to receive money?

Does Boom charge a government transfer fee in Haiti?

What is the FX rate applied to transfers in Mexico?

How much time does a recipient has to claim the money it was sent?

Card Activation

Why do I need a card?

Where can I get a card?

Who can get a card?

Is the Boom card a Credit Card?

What is required before I can receive a card?

Can I still get a card if I have bad credit or no credit history?

How do I activate the card?

What happens if I lose my card?

What happens if I forget my ATM PIN?

Can I get additional cards for family or friends?

Will I get a monthly account statement?

Using Boom

Loading: Adding Cash

How do I load money into my Boom account?

How do I know where the closest location to me for loading is?

Is there a fee for loading my account?

How much can I load at a time?

How can I confirm the cash was loaded on my account?

Can I load cash outside the United States?

Loading: Direct Deposit

What is Direct Deposit?

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

What is the fee for Direct Deposit?

What are the limits on the amounts that I can load with Direct Deposit?

when will the money be available in my account?

Can Direct Deposit be used for one time deposit?


How does sending money with Boom works?

How fast is the money available?

What currency is the remit available in Haiti?

What currency is available for pick up in Mexico?

What if I don’t get the IVR call back to verify a transfer ?

What if my recipient doesn’t get the SMS notification? (For transfers US to HT)

What if I send money to the wrong phone number?

What happens if the recipient’s phone is out of service and I send them money?

How will I know if the money has been picked up?


How many transactions at an ATM can I do in a day?

Where/what ATMs can I withdraw money at?

Where can I withdraw money for free?

Can I withdraw money internationally?

Does Boom charge me for cash back transactions?

About Inactive and Dormant Accounts

What is an inactive or dormant account?

Inactive or dormant account closure?

How to prevent inactive or dormant account closure?

Account closure fee?

How long does it take to receive a refund of my balance?

Can I request to keep my account from being closed?

Can I still get a Boom account after my account is closed?


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